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Roof Management

Instead of reacting to your roof issues, be proactive and always know your roof system's status. The best way to accomplish this is by implementing some form of a yearly roof management system. Most modern roofing systems include some type of insulation beneath the membrane. As a building owner, you have invested a significant amount of dollars in your existing roof system. However, this major asset can become a liability. But since it is a substantial asset of the building envelope, you want to protect that investment.

Over time, weather, moisture, freeze/thaw cycles, and other natural and random forces exposed continuously to the building can leave your operations and investment at risk of various types of damage including water infiltration. Water infiltration can severely deteriorate insulation material causing building owners significant repair or costly and unnecessary premature roof replacement.

Proactively inspecting and maintaining your roof each year will ensure that dangerous water will stay out of your roofing system, often offering the opportunity to reuse this material during the restoration or re-covering process. These approaches extend the life span of your current roofing system and significantly reduce the life cycle cost of your roof.

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